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Custom Dixieland Gaited Horse Saddle 15" Flexible Tree Endurance Style OOAK ind

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Brand: Dixieland Gaited Saddle Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
Saddle Type: Endurance Saddle Size: 15"
Color: Two Tone Mahogany and Black Model: Endurance Style with Flexible Tree Gaited

This Saddle was on the website as an example for a long time, but they no longer make this style with the fleece lining and rigging in this style, they don't have this skirting cut anymore or the hand laced roping stirrups or the Montana Silver Conchos! So this saddle can't be duplicated and is Top Quality!!
They do still have a closeup of the hand tooling for an example on their site.
I had this saddle made to my specifications several years ago for my Tennessee Walkers. I kept it in the house and only used it twice for a very short period of time. I didn't want to use it when training my younger horses so it was always kept as a show piece. I have 3 herniated discs and must say this saddle was so comfortable to ride in when I used it because of the flexible tree it's made with. Below is much more information on the Flex tree from the saddle maker's website. I was once of the first people to ask for a two tone saddle in a western style. They were making them in english style at the time but not western. They used this saddle as an example on their website for quite awhile but they no longer offer this saddle so they took it off except for the tooling section because the hand tooling I requested was the first time they tried an acorn and leaf pattern and filled in with basketweave which cost extra. This is a mahogany finish that was hand rubbed with conditioner on both sides and oil to darken which cost extra. There is extra padding in the seat which cost extra. The extra large hand laced roping stirrups were also an extra cost and they no longer offer them. The Flex tree and two tone coloring were both extra costs. It has a fleece lining which they no longer offer and as you can see in the photos is nearly spotless and like new. This saddle has the drop rigging in front and has the rear d ring attached to the tree which they no longer offer. It has a 7 foot tie strap as shown in the last photo for enduro tying (also called v-rigging or 3 point rigging). The skirting style of this saddle is also no longer offered and would cost extra if they would even make it this way. It has the Cheyenne Roll cantle. And finally this saddle has Montana Silver Conchos which aren't even available anymore. So to get this saddle made now would cost much more, but I don't think is even possible to duplicate so it is a One Of A Kind! Absolutely Top Quality!
 I added many photos showing measurements and hope to download more to a photo album which I will add the link to once completed. This is a beautiful saddle that is also comfortable for the rider and horse. It allows freedom of shoulder movement for gaited horses to permit them to do their gaits better. These gaited saddles have minimal skirting for close contact with your horse. There are a couple scuff marks from storage and a small black spot of dye on the near side fender which hopefully show in the photos. If there is anything else you would like a picture of just drop me a message.
I am selling my Tennessee Walkers because of my health and is the reason I haven't been able to ride the last few years and why I have decided it's time to let someone else enjoy this beautiful saddle. This is some information on the Flextree from their website:STEELE EQUI-FIT FLEXIBLE TREES
Tradition & State-of-the-Art
The Ultimate Combination...
Steele Saddle Tree Company has a tradition of embracing the latest in technology, materials, and design while retaining the best of the past and present. We don't do things a certain way because it's always been done that way. "That way" in our opinion can always change for the better as we discover new technology and design to benefit the horse and rider. We have stayed at the forefront of the saddle tree industry for five generations, totaling one hundred fifty years by combining tradition and state-of-the-art in strategic proportions. Since we do offer flexible and rigid trees, we can give an honest opinion of the benefit of both types of trees. The flexible tree for the rider is similar to the shock absorber on a car. For those who have lower back problems, the flexible tree can allow the rider to enjoy hours in the saddle that are not possible with a rigid tree. The flexible trees we offer just enhance the already good fit we can get with a rigid tree. Over 95% of our customers prefer the flexible tree. The flexibility for the rider is like a shock absorber that helps eliminate lower back pain. For the horse it just allows additional freedom of movement.
For the horse, the Equi-fit Flexible tree attains its flexibility by combining a traditional rigid fork and cantle together with a state-of-the-art foundation in lieu of the conventional bars and ground seat. This foundation, molded of a material similar to a rubber-like work boot sole, allows the assembled tree to bend along with your horse's spine while the rigid fork and cantle maintain proper bar angle and spread. The flexibility is designed to enhance a good fit by allowing more freedom of movement for the horse.
... The Flexibility
The Equi-fit Flex is not a modified skirting system. Neither does it have the limited flexibility of rawhide covered saddle trees or one piece molded saddle forms, both of which flex only under extreme pressures not created during normal riding. Equi-fit Flex is designed to flex with your horse's movement, but does not change SHAPE so the width and angle always stay the same. This type of flexibility eliminiates the pressure points caused by other flexible trees which cannot maintain their shape. Our flexible tree gives your horse the freedom of movement, but still provides the rider with the security of a rigid tree and weight distribution better than a rigid tree.
... State of the Art.
The foundation is molded of a specially developed elastomer. This state-of-the-art material has a precisely calculated
resilience for ideal weight distribution without pressure points. It has memory to maintain correct shape and retains nails better
than wood. The molding process ensures that every part is uniform and symmetrical. Trees are always square, level, and
without twist. The seat design recognizes and compensates for the differences in male and female pelvic structures giving
unprecedented comfort and support for all.
1) Construction: Conventional four parts ~ fork, cantle and two bars. A rigid fork and cantle assembled together with flexible bars.
The rigid fork and cantle maintain proper bar rafter angle and spread while the flexible bars allow the tree to bend along with your
horse's spine.
2) Materials: Forks and cantles are all fiberglass-covered wood.