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Prepare My Life Female 5-Day Prep Pack

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Category: Prepare My Life

Features Enter your model number above to make sure this fits. P.when("RPPStripeRendered").execute(function(stripeData){ if(stripeData && stripeData.state){ switch(stripeData.state){ case "result-found": document.getElementById("replacementPartsFitmentBulletInner").innerHTML = "This fits your "+stripeData.item+"."; document.getElementById("replacementPartsFitmentBullet").className = ""; break; case "no-result": if(stripeData.showBullet && stripeData.showBullet !== "0"){ document.getElementById("replacementPartsFitmentBulletInner").innerHTML = "No information found for this part for "+stripeData.item+"."; document.getElementById("replacementPartsFitmentBullet").className = ""; } break; default: document.getElementById("replacementPartsFitmentBullet").className = ""; } } }); Everything you need to survive for 5 days packed in a easy-to-carry backpack Package includes: water kit, essentials kit, food kit, female hygiene kit, & personal emergency toilet You will be prepared for almost anything Description Product Description Everything you need to survive for 5 days packed in a easy-to-carry backpack! Just add some personal items such as a change of clothes, money, maps, medications, etc. and you will be prepared for almost anything. Package Includes: -Oversize Deluxe Backpack (Black). - Water Kit (Blue) - 10 4-oz drinking water pouches, water purification tablets (30 pk), water filtration straw. - Essentials Kit (Red) - flashlight and batteries, 2 12-hr light sticks, hooded poncho, emergency sleeping bag, whistle with lanyard, waterproof matches, 36-piece first aid kit, InstaFire, notepad and pencil, N95 mask and emergency information card. - Food Kit (Green) - 2 MRE entrees, 2 MRE heaters, Mainstay 3600 calorie food bar, 2 Millennium food bars 400 calories each, 2 shelf-stable ready-to-eat sandwiches, 2 freeze dried snack packs, Mentos, cutlery set, napkin and salt and pepper. - Female Hygiene Kit (Orange) - toothbrush, toothpaste, shower towel, bar soap, shampoo, deodorant, shaving cream, razor, hand sanitizer, tissue pack, lip moisturizer, washcloth and comb. - Personal Emergency Toilet - 3 Double Doodie Toilet bags, 3 Bio-Blue toilet deodorant packets, hand sanitizer, toilet paper and 10 Charmin freshmate wipes.