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Icebox Igloo Maker

Estimated price for orientation: 179 $

Category: Grand Shelters

Features Enter your model number to make sure this fits. Igloos are the perfect winter shelter Fun to build warm at night Igloos are stable and long lasting Description Product Description The ICEBOX® igloo construction tool is used for igloo building by creating sequential blocks in place. You set the clamps on the form then fill it while packing. after you have filled it you unclamp it and slide it to the next position. A pole with 8 adjustments, 1 for each layer is used to build igloos with the correct catenary shape and to help support the weight of the snow and form while packing the snow. After finishing 6 rows of the igloo you remove the outside of the form as the wall is now leaning in far enough so the snow can be packed from the outside. The snow only needs to hold its form well enough to stay in place until you start the next block. 8 total rows are built including the final cap.