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160pc Zombie Apocalypse Survival BONUS 3 Day 72 Hour Kit Emergency Bug out Bag

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Category: 160pc Zombie Apo

Country/Region of Manufacture: United States Visabality:: Night vision infrared, Glow in the Dark
Brand: Military Surplus Included:: Kit extra bonus set bundle
MPN: 36005 ZK COMPATIBLE WITH:: Airsoft paintball or re-enactment
In Preporation for:: Disaster Earthquake Zombie Attack KNIFES:: 1 SWORD AND 3 KNIVES
Sward Type:: 41” stainless steel blade, blood Ch KNIVE LENGTHS:: 41" SWORD , 11", 9 1/2", 6"
Comments:: Great kit and design to start from. CAUTION:: All items are real and SHIRP
Style:: Walking Dead Zombie Zomby Zombee REFFERENCE:: 72 HOUR, 3 Day Survival Package
UPC: Does not apply

This is a hardcore zombie survival kit. It's not the usual set up. This zombie kit contains a 41-inch sword such as the one used in The Walking Dead. All these items are serious items. Real military flashlights, Military 1 qt canteen, NEW 2017 MRE?s, 17 Chemical lights. All the supplies that you will need to survive for three days in a zombie apocalypse. The backpack is a serious piece of hardware. This backpack has over 2 cubic feet of storage capacity. It is larger than a 72-hour pack or a bug out bag. Plenty of compartments for storage and it has its own detachable butt pouch.Customize your pack with the Molly II outside pouches. Put items that you need quickly in the easiest places to reach. Include your clothing and extra food and you're ready to go. Only for the serious zombie apocalypse Survivor.CARRIER1 x ACU Military 35L (Bug out Bag). 5 zipper compartments.1 x BDU Molle II, Accessory pouch.1 x ACU Molle II, Accessory pouch.1 x bug out gear black carabineer. SAFETY SURVIVAL1 x 41? Real Sword stainless steel blade with blood Channel down the center, red wood handle, brass Hilt, and a thick Black leather sheath.1 x ZOMBIE KILLER, head chopper knife,11?.50 x Feet of Green parachute cord, double layered wrapped. 1 x ZOMBIE KILLER, 9 ½? close quarter combat knife with serrated edge. 1 x Gerber pocket knife.1 x Black pocket knife cover.COMUNICATIONS2 X Hand held FRS Radio?s, take 3 AA batteries each. Batteries not included. FOOD / EATING3 x NEW 2017 Military MRE?s, Chicken fajita, Spaghetti with beef and sauce, Pork sausage and cream gravy. 4 x drinking water 4 ¼oz each. 3pc x Eating utensil set, spoon, fork, knife.1 x Military Army Green Water Canteen.1 x BDU canteen cover.1 x Cooking Stove.24 x Heat burn Tabs.LIGHTING1 x Military 90-degree flashlight night glow with 3 colored lenses. 10 x night vision glow sticks and others. 5 x nighttime reading glow sticks. 1 x day time nonflammable glow stick.1 x safety light stick. 1 x Hard chemical flare for emergency pick up. 2 x candles. 1 x Bic Lighter.FIRST AID1 x Oregon Emergency Management go get passport. 35-Piece First Aid Kit Survival Emergency Hiking Camping Medical Car Bug Out Bag1 x bandage compressed 4? sterile.1 x triangular bandage compressed. 2 x clean guard size large work gloves. 4 x white face masks, infection resistant.2 x sets of surgical gloves sterile. 1 x set of safety goggles. 2 x sets of ear plugs. ACCESSORIES12 x hand or feet tie cuffs. 1 x Army Corp engineers PIN. Bucky Beaver.4 x Military patches for outside of bag.