PRODUCT ID: CY-1310-2454-05
SADDLE COLOR : Regular Oil. SKIRT : 13in D X 24in L. SEAT : 14.5 Black Suede Leather Seat. WEIGHT : 23 lbs.. HORN : 3. CANTLE : 5 inches. RIGGING : Inskirt. TOOLING : Gorgeous Floral Caving With Crystal Border. SADDLE FIT : Wide Tree Free. This is a Wide Tree type that fits most horses with a broad, or mutton, wither and foundation type conformation Tree less design for unrestricted movement and comfort, close contact between horse and rider Neoprene skirts absorb shock and distribute weight Biothane stirrup leathers are flexible, lightweight, durable, and strong Forward hung fenders help keep your legs from getting behind you  Designed with barrel racer Tammy Fischer. The treeless design keeps the rider in close contact with the horse and allows the horse unrestricted movement. Fleece lined neoprene skirts are flexible, molding to your horse"s shape and bending with your horse in the turns. For the rider that likes a deep seat, the upright swell and cantle keep you secure and positioned. Forward hung stirrup leathers keep your feet from getting behind you and provide the rider great flexibility in the stirrups. Aluminum rubber grip stirrups. Seat inlay of peace hearts. "The close contact of my saddle lets the horse and rider connect in a way that traditional saddles can"t" - Tammy Fischer