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THE DE NEMETHY METHOD 8 video set horse jumping SCARCE

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de nemethy x8
The de Nemethy Method
Modern Techniques for Training the Show Jumper and Its Rider
8 video set Bertalan de Nemethy Format: NTSC (North American)
Condition: Good to very good used condition. See comments below.
This is an eight-video set comprising a video training seminar by Bertalan de Nemethy. This seminar covers hunter/jumper training from the basic principles of equitation through gymnastics. It is now out of print and hard to find. Details for the individual videos are given below. De Nemethy was a gifted trainer, and his influence on the sport of show jumping in the United States was enormous; it would not be overstating the case to say that he revolutionized it. He insisted that the USET riders learn classical training methods in order to ride with flexibility, balance, and control. Show jumping had previously been largely a matter of riding a horse with lots of scope at big fences and staying on, but as the sport evolved toward more technical courses riders needed to be able to collect and extend their horses and ride tight turns in balance. De Nemethy's training helped keep the United States teams at or near the top of international competition. His students, people like William Steinkraus and George Morris, are now the guiding lights of U.S. show jumping, continuing his legacy. Tape Eight has some very minor jumpiness and video noise. This tape is just lecture, with no riding, and the problems do not significantly interfere with viewing it. All the other tapes are fine. Part One. Basic Principles of Equitation. 61 minutes. Straightness, forwardness; center of gravity; maintaining the natural balance; stabilizing the rhythm. Part Two. The Rider's Correct Position. 57 minutes. Horse on the bit; using the draw rein and its proper application; seat correction exercises on the longe line. Part Three. Horse on the Longe Line. 77 minutes. Longeing the horse with different equipment, including the draw rein; correct longeing techniques. Part Four. Communicating with the Horse. 61 minutes. The rider's aids; the half halt; the secondary aids. Part Five. Basic Training of Horse and Rider. 74 minutes. Mechanics of the horse; horse on the forehand; elementary training movements. Part Six. A Modern Cavalletti. 86 minutes. Benefits for horse; benefits for rider; proper use of equipment; correct jumping style. Part Seven. Gymnastic Training of the Horse. 80 minutes. Shortening and lengthening the horse's strides; variation of number of strides. Part Eight. Questions and Answers. 25 minutes. Check out my for more horse videos and other items. Terms and conditions:

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