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1200 Watt Electric Scooter

Estimated price for orientation: 800 $

Category: Electric Scooters

Wattage: 1200 UPC: 647356999789

- Aside from offering excellent products, the main focus of our company is providing excellent customer service and support. Our company offers great HOW TO VIDEOS for every part of the scooter, as well as keeps every part of the scooter IN STOCK at all times should anything be needed or replaced, just contact us at 703-399-0477 or 843-458-1281.- Among the upgrades to your new scooter is the STRONGEST SCOOTER BATTERY PACK ON EBAY .Each of the 3 batteries that comes with this scooter are now 14 amps each, powering up an astonishing 6 amps more powerful and than any other electric scooter on the market. Reaching a top speed of 34 mph, you will enjoy leaving the competition in the dust.- Our company also offers extra performance parts for your individual needs, hill kits and as previously stated we carry EVERY PART IN STOCK ALL THE TIME. Our support team will be more than glad to answer your call or emails 7 days a week. We offer immediate shipping meaning you will receive your scooter within 1-5 business days.- This FULLY UPGRADED Turbo 1200 watt Electric Scooter comes with a 6.0” x 4.25” motor! Equipped with the new Platinum Series Deep Cell 36v Battery System that will give you up to 15 miles a charge, this long lasting battery will give you over 600 charges. The 1200 watt motor runs at 3200rpm but also offers Econo/Turbo Throttle for when you want to crank it up or save some juice.- There have been many other new upgrades made to this scooter including: The Mono Chrome Front Swing Shock with Steel front forks, Dual Rear Suspension for a smooth easy ride. Solid Steel Frame, Huge All-Terrain 11’ Tires, Chain Driven, Turn Key Ignition, Battery Indicator Lights on the Throttle, Variable Speed Control and the best Front and Rear Disk Brakes. PLUS a FREE toolkit, smart charger, sheet of stickers, dual handlebar LED headlights, detachable seat and seat storage bag.